Lymphatic Massage & Wellness Services

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Dedicated to Your Health

Mend is a private massage therapy practice located in a cozy office in Upper Montclair. Founded by a local community member with over 15 years of experience in the wellness and medical fields, Mend is the place to turn to when you need personalized wellness care in a peaceful environment. Mend is the only massage therapy practice in Montclair owned and operated by a dual licensed, certified lymphedema therapist and specializing in post op recovery.

Our mission is to not only help those who are struggling with their health mend, but to help those who are healthy, thrive. Whether you are post op, breastfeeding, experiencing a wellness concern, or are stressed out and worn down, Mend is here for you. At Mend, each session is custom tailored to meet your body's needs - because that's how you get results!

For a complete list of all services offered, and a detailed description of each one, please click on the Services tab. Need help in deciding which service is right for you? Call for a complimentary consultation!

Please see the Covid-19 tab for in-depth information about Mend's stringent, CDC guidelines based, pandemic response.