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Certified Lymphedema Therapist

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A Team Approach

Thank you for collaborating with Mend Lymphatic Massage & Wellness Services. For 15 years I have utilized manual therapy techniques to help folks heal from a multitude of ailments. In my tenure as a licensed physical therapist assistant, I was aligned with a variety of healthcare teams ranging from primary care physicians, neurologists and cardiologists to physiatrists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. It is my pleasure to now forge new professional alliances through my work as a licensed massage therapist. 

I have treated patients from ages 18 to 105, with both acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. I have successfully worked with diagnoses including, but not limited to neurological, cardiac, pulmonary, autoimmune, and orthopedics, in a variety of clinical settings. I am also comfortable with end of life and palliative care.

My experience in producing evidence based, objective assessments and documentation for interdisciplinary and insurance company communication informs my diligence in maintaining my own records. I will seek your guidance, respect your expertise, and keep you abreast of  any changes in your patient's status, while they are in my care. You can rest assured that your patients will be safe, happy and well in my hands.