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Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Life in the time of a pandemic is incredibly stressful. We are in need of wellness services and healing touch now, more than ever.  The health and safety of both therapist and client is of the utmost importance. Mend follows a strict protocol based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Please do not enter the building without having a mask covering both your mouth and nose. If you need a mask, please call the office and you will be provided with a single use, disposable mask.

1. Clients  will complete a Covid-19 release form prior to each session.

2. Clients will have their temperature checked with a touch free thermometer, prior to their massage.

3. Client and therapist will wash their hands with antibacterial soap and then use an alcohol based hand sanitizer prior to the start of the session.

4. When lying on the massage table face up, the client's mask will be pulled up over nose and mouth. The client's mask may be removed for the client to receive facial work. While lying face down, the mask may be pulled down temporarily, to cover the mouth only, if necessary for breathing. The therapist will be wearing a mask at all times.

5. The room is thoroughly cleaned with a medical grade sanitizer after each client, aerosol disinfectant is sprayed throughout the office, and the office is aerated by opening the window for fresh air exchange.

6. There is a medical grade air purifier containing a prefilter, HEPA-13 filter, and active carbon and cold catalyst filters that removes particles as small as 0.1 micron, constantly running in the office.

7. As of 1/31/21, the therapist has received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

*** If you have ANY symptoms of illness or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please call or visit the appointment scheduler page to cancel your appointment. There is no cancellation fee for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 related illness. ***